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Andromeda - Klima

Clustered model rocket to assemble, with integrated parachute protection system.

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Andromeda is a good looking, four-motor clustered, large model rocket to be assembled and capable of reaching high altitudes.

By using four motors you will get four times the thrust, for flights that normally require more powerful motors (and more expensive too...) 

Althoughthe Andromeda must be assembled in the traditional way, by glueing fins and other parts, it does not take too long to be completed. A couple of hours will be enough to be ready to go on the flying field.

Preparation for flight also needs a short time thanks to the unique ejection gas cooling and filtering system (deflector or "baffle") included, that protects the parachute without the need to use flameproof wadding or sheets. After each flight all you have to do is fold the parachute, insert it into the rocket, replace the motors and you are ready to go!

The kit includes a large self-adhesive decals sheet to decorate the whole rocket. Recovery is guaranteed by the included 55 cm pre-sewn nylon parachute.

To launch the rocket you need a launch pad with 6 mm rod, like the Klima launch pad, Estes Pro Series II launch pad, Estes Porta Pad "E" or the Aerotech Mantis. To start the rocket you need an electric launch control like the Klima controller, the Estes "E" Launch controller or any launch controller capable to deliver 6 to 12 volts, plus batteries. Launch pad and launch control are not included.

Data sheet

80.5 cm
50 mm
215 gr
Motor diameter
18 mm
55 cm nylon parachute
Launch pad
6 mm launch rod
Recommended Engines
Klima: 4 x B4-4, 2 x B4-4 + 2 x C6-P, 2 x C6-7 + 2 x C6-P, 2 x C6-P + 2 x D9-7 Estes: 4 x B4-4, 4 x B6-4, 4 x C6-7

Klima: 4xB4-4, 2xB4-4+2xC6-P, 2xC6-7 + 2xC6-P, 2xC6-P + 2xD9-7
Estes: 4xB4-4