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Laser Cut Centering Rings and Paper Adapters - Estes

Package with laser cut centering rings and printed conical adapter for Estes BT5 to BT60 body tubes.

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This pack contains 30 centering discs laser-cut from thick cardboard, and two sheets of heavyweight paper with conical transition printed on them.
The centering disks have sizes to join Estes body tubes from BT5 to BT60, and they can also be used to make engine mounts or to join body tubes of different diameter.

The forms printed on the heavyweight paper sheets must be cut out with care, and by gluing the ends you will get truncated conical shapes to connect two pipes of different diameters and give shape to your personal rocket designs. At this point you can use disks in cardboard as a base for these fittings.

The package contains:

  • 2 sheets of thick cardboard each containing 15 laser-cut disks for tubes BT5, BT20, BT50, BT55, BT60.
  • 2 sheets of heavyweight paper with printed forms to make up to 16 conical transtions and tail cones for tubes BT5, BT20, BT50, BT55, BT60.