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RDDT - RMS Delay Drilling Tool - Aerotech

The Aerotech RMS Delay Drilling Tool is used to shorten the delay time of the RDK, HDK and HDK+ delays used in the Aerotech reloadable motors. By adjusting the delay time you can get the parachute ejected at the perfect flight time you calculated.

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The tool works by drilling a hole to a pre-determined depth into the delay grain: the deeper the hole, the shortest the delay.

As Aerotech delays have all similar diameter, this tools works for 18, 24, 29 and 38 mmm delays. 

The RMS Delay Drilling Tool consist in a cylindrical body with a different depth receptacle on both sides, plus an handle with a drilling bit and a spacer. The delay is inserted into one of these receptacles while the drilling bit is inserted from the opposite side. The hole in the delay is obtained by pressing and rotating the drilling bit into the delay.

The delay is shotened by 8 seconds or 4 seconds, depending on the side it is inserted into, but 2 seconds can be subtracted from this time using the included spacer. In this way you can shorten the delay of 2, 4, 6 and 8 seconds.