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Case 54/426 - Aerotech

High Power 54/426 reloadable motor casing only. Does not include closures. If you already own a 54 mm High Power RMS motor, with this case you can use all the reloads kits made for it.

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This casing is the body of an RMS 54/426 Aerotech reloadable motor. It does not work alone as it needs a forward closure and a rear closure to be a complete reloadable motor. By purchasing this case you can use reloads different from the ones you use in the RMS 54 mm motor you own. If you don't own any 54 mm high power motor you may want to purchase a complete motor set instead. Please look in the reloadable motors category in our webshop for the motor best suited to your needs.

Aerotech reloadable motors have been manufactured by Rouse Tech until 2014, anodized in blue or yellow. The production has been taken over by Aerotech, with a black anodizing. For this reason this motor can be shipped in blue color until Rouse made motors will be repalced by black Aerotech.

Uses Aerotech HPR I reloads (I115W, I117FJ, I215R, I229T).

Note: a valid Tripoli Rocketry Association Level 1 High Power certification is required to purchase type "I" reloads.

Technische Daten

156 mm
54 mm
218 gr
54 mm