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Nose cone Intellicone IC-2.5-1.5 - Public Missiles Ltd.

Plastic nose cone for PML 2.5” airframes, designed to hold an electronic payload. Version 2.0

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Version 2.0 - This specially modified PML nose cone is designed to house a variety of altimeters and data acquisition computers eliminating the need for bulky conventional payload sections. There is plenty of room between the payload tube and nose cone body to mount LED indicator lights, temperature probes or other sensors.

This new version has been greatly improved:

  • Pre-drilled G-10 electronic sled included
  • Electronic sled is locked with a few turns of set screws
  • Pre installed G-10 centering ring for payload tube mount
  • More efficient steel shock cord attachment cable
  • All screws and hex wrench included

Fits PT-2.5 or QT-2.5 tubes

Exposed length:
285 mm
Shoulder length: 50 mm
Payload tube internal diameter: 38 mm
Weight: 204 gr

Data sheet

66 mm