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Centering ring set 3.90-38 mm - LOC/Precision

Set of plywood centering discs for mounting a 38 mm motor mount tube in a 100 mm (3.9") body.

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This set of plywood discs allows you to build a 38mm engine motor mount in a 100 mm fuselage tube, type LOC 3.90" or PML 3.9"

The set consists of three discs made of high-quality 6 mm thick birch plywood. One of the discs has a hole into which the screw ring (included) for attaching the parachute cord is inserted. Also included in the set is a simple motor fixing system that screws onto the lower disc.


  • 3 centering discs 3.9"-38 mm in plywood, 6 mm thick
  • 1 screw ring with nut and washers
  • 1 motor fixing clip with screws