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Cygnus - Klima

Model rocket kit to be built, with cargo compartment to carry an egg to high altitude!

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The Cygnus is Klima's answer to "egg-lofting" or the practice of launching an egg (raw!) aboard a model rocket.

In fact, in the sport of model rocketry, the egg represents the astronaut. It is fragile, delicate and must be brought back safely to earth, just like the crews of space missions.

The Cygnus is a rather large rocket model, it is equipped with a special nosecone, made of sturdy plastic, divided into two parts lined internally with polystyrene. After inserting the egg, the two parts are joined using the strong PVC tape included in the package.

The kit is to be build, with milled plywood fins to fit into slots cut into the tube, for perfect alignment.

Also this model rocket is equipped with a cooling and filtering system (deflector or "baffle") of the expulsion gases which protects the parachute without the need to use fireproof wadding or protective sheets. The advantage is that protection is always guaranteed, while using the wadding it is always possible to put too little or insert it in such a way that the gases can escape and hit the parachute. In addition, the time needed to prepare for a new flight is extremely short.

The kit contains a large sheet of self-adhesive decals to decorate the entire model.

Recovery is guaranteed by the included plastic parachute, which must be assembled following the instructions printed directly on it.

For launching you need a launch pad with a 3 mm shaft, such as the Klima Launch Pad, the Estes Astron II Launch Pad or the Porta Pad II. For ignition you need an electric launch controller type Klima or Estes Astron II, and batteries. Launch pad and launch controller are not included.


61 cm
35 mm
75 g
Průměr motoru
18 mm
40 cm plastic parachute
3 mm launch rod
Typ rakety
S užitečným zatížením

No payload: C6-5, D9-7
With payload (egg): C6-3, D9-5

No payload: C6-5
With payload (egg): C6-3