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Reloadable motor RMS 29/40-120 Aerotech

Aerotech RMS 29/40-120 reloadable motor hardware set. Includes the casing, one forward closure and one aft closure. Use it in all Aerotech rocket kits and other rockets using 29 mm motors as the Estes PRO Series.  

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The RMS 29/40-120 reloadable motor from Aerotech allows you to fly E, F, and G-sized motors.

This motor is the ideal choice for any Aerotech rocket kit and of course any other kit using 29 mm motors up to G. You can use it also in any Estes Pro Series kits as well.

RMS motors are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and consists of three parts: the case, the forward closure and the aft closure.

The forward closure holds the delay and the parachute ejection charge, the rear closure holds the nozzle and, being of a larger diameter than the motor body, it acts as an engine block as it butts up against the motor mount tube. The two notches in the rear closure are made for those kits using a steel spring-type motor retainer, as the Aerotech rocket kits.

To use this motor you have to choose a reload, assemble it following its instructions, dispose of the residues after each flight and clean the motor accurately. The motor can be used an indefinite number of times.

NOTE: There is often some confusion between this RMS 29/40-120 reloadable motor (consumer line) and the RMS 29/120 reloadable motor (High Power style), made from Aerotech as well. The RMS 29/40-120 can take only its own reloads, from E to G-type. These reloads are different from those made for RMS 29/120 and cannot be used in that motor. Conversely, the reloads made for RMS 29/120 motor, like G79W-M and G77R-M, cannot be used in this RMS 29-40/120 motor.

When to use this engine?

Is one of best motor to be your first reloadable, and one of the most versatile because it uses from E to G reloads. You can use it in any Aerotech rocket, in any rocket designed for G motors and it is the perfect replacement for Estes large E and F motors, not available in Europe.

The following reloads can be used with this motor:

E16W-4, -7
E23T-5, -8
F22J-5, -7
F40W-4, -7, -10
F52T-5, -8, -11
G53FJ-5, -7, -10
G64W-4, -7, -10

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