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AltimeterTwo electronic altimeter

Get all the information of your rocket flight.
Very small, self contained altimeter for model rocketry. It is small enough to fit in most rockets, and it provides 10 key flight measures on a display.

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AltimeterOne is a digital altimeter with a clear, sunlight-readable LCD display. Due to its very small size and rugged construction it can be used not only in model rockets but also on kites, model airplanes, drones and other sports.

It is very easy to use: just power it on and put in the rocket. The altimeter will detect the launch and will start recording the altitude. The display will show the highest altitude reached and the corresponding flight number. To use it on the next flight just reset it and launch it again. Up to 100 flights are stored in non-volatile memory.

Here are some of the more interesting ways in which AltimeterOne has been used:

  • As an on-screen altitude display in RC planes and drones
  • In students science projects
  • In high altitude kite-flying
  • On the leg of a hunting falcon

The Jolly Logic AltimeterOne has been approved by the National Association of Rocketry for use in rocketry competitions

Product Specs:

  • Weight: 9.9g
  • Height: 14.5mm
  • Width: 18mm - Note: Does not fit inside an 18mm tube.
  • Length: 49mm


  • Durable ABS-plastic case - Very solid, it protects the altimeter from the residue of ejection charge.
  • LCD display – A sunlight-readable LCD display shows the altitude reached and other information. Altitude is displayed in numbers.
  • Metric and Imperial units – You can switch from one to the other anytime, without loss of data.
  • “Realtime Altitude Mode” displays current altitude in real-time
  • History feature stores last 100 flights
  • Can be used on anything that flies, not only rockets.
  • Stores altitude on flash memory – One hundred flights can be stored in non-volatile memory. You can turn the altimeter on and off without losing your data.
  • USB chargeable - Plug it into your computer USB socket, or any other USB charger, for two hours to get it fully charged. The altimeter holds a charge for a minimum of two weeks, if powered off.
  • Only one button to control it - It turns it on and off, and resets the altimeter to zero between flights.
  • Rocket can be launched up to 2 hours after it is reset.
  • Power Save - The altimeter turn itself off after 2 hours of inactivity. The battery charge lasts for over 17 hours of continuous use.
  • Highly accurate: 19 bits of pressure precision and 16 bits of temperature compensation can resolve 0.25m RMS (including noise) at 25° C.
  • Precision Displayed: Nearest Foot (0.3 meters).
  • Sampling Rate: >25 times per second. Display updated 64 times per second.
  • Battery life: over17 hours. Standby: over 2 weeks.
  • Battery: rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery (not user-replaceable)
  • Charging time on USB: 2 hours, from zero charge
  • USB Current: <90ma
  • Temperature Compensated: 16-bit temperature sensor to compensate for thermal effects in the pressure sensor across its temperature range (- 25°C to 49°C) and to compensate the atmospheric model used to convert true pressure to altitude.
  • Rugged ABS construction to survive crashes

Download the User Manual in PDF format, 568K. Pages are in "print order," so that if you print 2-sided on regular sized paper and then fold and staple they make a book.

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49 mm
9,9 gr
18 mm
14,5 mm
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