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RC Switch

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This device is useful to activate any electrical function on board by means of an R/C transmitter.
The R/C-Switch is connected to a free channel of any R/C receiver and it sends the battery current to its output when the corresponding channel on the transmitter is activated. A great care has been put in the development of this device to avoid accidental activation due to disturbances, tuning on and off or faulty operation of the receiver or the RC gear.
It is ideally suited to ignite low current ignitors like Daveyfire or other E-matches, which can be connected in series in any number. A test current is used by the device to check for proper connection of the battery and for continuity. The external power supply can be 1,5 to 12 volts. The operation mode can be selected between “single”, ideal to ignite igniters, and “multi”, used to alternatively turn on and off any additional electrical device.
L x W x H: 33,5 mm x 21,6 mm x 4,7 mm
Test current: < 10 µA
Max output current: 5 A
Max short-circuit current > 5 A for > 0,2 Sec.
Turn on delay in: 0,5 Sec.
Ignition delay: 1,2 Sec.
Battery for ignition: 9-V-Block (Alkaline – connector included)
Alternative power supply: 1,5 - 12 Volt
Electronics current consumption: < 8 mA
Number of connectable ignitors: no limit
Voltage for each ignitor: 2 V
Weight (w/o cables): 8 g

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