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  • Multi-Roc - Estes


    Six ways to fly!! The Estes Multi-Roc is a two-stage, payloader rocket that also features a glider recovery!

  • Aqua Star - Starter Set


    A complete water rocket system which works with almost all commercially available PET bottles! Can be assembled without using adhesives or tools, and flies up to 100 m fly using only water and air!

  • Mini Mean Machine - Estes


    Amaze your friends with this very long model rocket! The Mini Mean Machine is a full 1 meter long!

  • Io - Klima


    A small rocket for those who like to build the classic way. Suitable for beginners and for teaching the basics of rocketry.

  • Flame Thrower - Dynastar
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    Flame Thrower - Apogee


    Beautiful two-motors model rocket for 24 mm motors type C11, D, E and F

  • Orange Bullet - Estes


    A replica of the prototype model rocket that started the hobby of model rocketry.

  • Sidekick - Estes


    Model rocket kit with twin engine, double fuselage and double recovery system.

  • LEO Space Train - Estes


    Model rocket kit to be built very rich in parts to be assembled, suitable for model builders with good skills.

  • Gryphon - Estes


    Boost-glider model rocket: carries a small glider aloft and releases it at apogee, while coming back to earth via a streamer.

  • Boosted Bertha - Estes


    Two-stage version of the famous Big Bertha, one of the most famous and popular model rocket.

  • SA-2061 "Sasha" - Estes


    Inspired by Russian military missiles, this 24mm two-stage model rocket is great fun to build and launch.

  • AIM-54C Phoenix - LOC


    Semi-scale replica of the AIM-54C Phoenix air-to-air missile. Thanks to its interchangeable motor mount it can mount a number of different combinations of motors.