F67-4W Economax (2 pz.) - Aerotech Single Use Motors 29 mm

Pack of 29 mm Economax F single-use engines. Even more power at an affordable cost!

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F-class White Lightning engines with 4 second delay and 29 mm diameter.

The Economax engines have been designed to replace Estes engines of the same class but with much more power. They are therefore perfect for all Estes rockets of the PRO series, and for any rocket using this class of engines.

Economax engines concentrate more power in a smaller space thanks to advanced technology:

  • Propellant with higher specific impulse and higher burn rate
  • Efficient "finocyl" geometry
  • Longer propellant grain due to a shorter delay
  • Slightly higher operating pressure
  • Relatively flat curve for slightly higher chamber pressure

The package includes 2 engines and 2 starters.

Fiche technique

83 mm
29 mm
80 g
Total Impulse
61.1 N s
Thrust duration
0.95 s
4 s
Max. liftoff weight
620 g