H550ST-14A - Aerotech Single Use DMS Motor 38 mm

High Power 38 mm H-class Single Use rocket motor with Super Thunder propellant and 14 seconds adjustable delay. Identical to the same reload fot RMS 38/360 motor.

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The H550ST-14A is a super powerful single-use H-class High Power motor, from the Aerotech DMS(tm) family of motors. It is a high thrust motors with a short burn time, and produces a blue-violet flame with almost no smoke. The ideal application is in heavy rockets or small diameter rockets that need a high thrust.

DMS (Disposable Motor System) motors are already assembled and ready-to-use, you don't need to reload anything. This is a great advantage when you need ease of use and a fast turnaround, just like Estes motors: you install the motor in the rocket, launch it and throw it away after use. No need to buy reloadable casings.

The only operation required is the delay adjustment. The included delay is 14 seconds long and you can adjust it with the UDDT - Universal Delay Drilling Tool.

This reload requires the purchaser to hold a Level 1 HPR certification.
To purchase this reload you have to send us your certification papers or your membership card showing your certification level.

Fiche technique

206 mm
38 mm
316 g
HPR Level 1
Total Impulse
312 Ns
Thrust duration
0.6 s
14 sec adjustable
Primary use
Single stage