Nouveaux produits

Nouveaux produits

How do you ship my orders?

Your orders are shipped by mail or couriers depending on size, weight and destination. Shipping costs are per order/delivery address and not per product so you can order as many products as you like for the one shipping cost. Shipping cost is shown in your cart as soon as you add a product. The exact amount is shown when you finish adding products and you file your complete shipping address.

We ship within 48 hrs after receiving your order. As we cannot ship during weekends, order placed from Friday afternoon until Sunday will be processed and shipped not before the next Monday.

We are unable to ship to PO Boxes. Please provide a full street address in your order.

Orders from EC countries

Orders destinated to an EC country are shipped by your own country express mail service or couriers: you can choose the one that works better in your area. Motors can be shipped by couriers only, the correct shipping services will be shown when you order motors. If the items you ordered are very small and light we use the italian mail system to keep the cost at a minimum. If the package is a little larger, the cost of mail service is only a little less than that of a courier, while reliability and speed of delivery is much less. Therefore it doesn't make sense to use mail in these cases.

We use the best express shipping services available. Post services are the best among those offered by the postal service in your country, and couriers deliver to any European country in a few days, and even in 24 hours to some countries. Shipments are all traceable and you will receive an e-mail from us or the courier with the tracking number and the status of your shipment as soon as your package is picked up.

Orders from outside EC
For shipments directed outside EC (Switzerland and Norway included) we have to use the mail system to keep your shipping cost reasonably low. Note that you may have to pay some taxes on import, we can do nothing for this and we don't know how much it could be. Please contact your Custom Office for more information.

Delivery time varies depending on destination. Packages destinated to European non-EC countries may take about 7 working days to be delivered. Packages destinated to countries outside Europe takes about 10-15 days, up to 20 days or more for destinations in the Pacific.


- Shipping cost does not depend from the quantity of items you order or from the total order value. If your order is very large it must be shipped in a larger box at a slightly higher cost.
- We ship from Monday to Friday, we do not ship during weekends
- Your order is shipped within 48h after receiving your order.
- Your order is delivered to you a few days after the courier picks it up from our premises. Exact delivery time depends on the destination country and the shipping service choosen. As a general rule, the closer the destination is to Italy the sooner the package arrives.
- Shipments are traceable. When the courier picks your order up we send an e-mail to you containing the tracking number and other information on the shipping status.