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Motor mount

Motor mount

High Power Rockets

Large rocket kits for expert builders and flyers. This rockets use High Power reloadable rocket motors from Aerotech or Cesaroni (CTI) which can be purchased only with a valid High Power Certification Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. To launch these rockets you need a large launch pad and a suitable launch controller, usually available only in a rocket club. You also need a large launch field and permits in some countries. Motors and building supplies are not included.

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  • Motor mount: 98 mm
  • Frenzy Massive Fiberglass - Madcow Rocketry
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    Frenzy Massive Fiberglass -...

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    The famous Cold War rocket you can launch harmlessly. 
    A beautiful all fiberglass rocket kit for experienced fliers. High power flights with I to K motors.

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