Klima motors B2-0

B2 motors without delay and ejection charge, for first stage of light rockets, or for rocket gliders.

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B engines with low thrust and long burntime, without delay or ejection charge, suitable only for first stages in very light rockets or for rocket gliders. 

These engines are designed for the propulsion of very light rockets, their thrust is only 2 N but it lasts for 2.5 seconds. This means that a model rocket of a few grams can fly very high even with a small engine like this.

The dimensions are standard (diam. 18 mm, length 70 mm), perfectly compatible with Estes engines.

The package includes 6 motor 6 electric starters.

Includes 6 Stage Igniters to facilitate switching on the upper stage, with instructions in Italian.

New composite formula - Products in Europe

Ficha técnica

70 mm
18 mm
19 gr
Total Impulse
5 Ns
Thrust duration
2,5 s
Max. liftoff weight
40 g
Primary use
Booster stages