F13-RCT - Reloads 32 mm Aerotech

Reload pack for Aerotech RMS 32/60-100 motor, for rocket-propelled planes.

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Blue Thunder F13 reload for RMS 32/60-100RC motor for rocket gliders.
These reloads are specifically made for rocket-propelled airplanes and cannot be used in standard, vertical-flying rockets. They have a low thrust but very long burn-time to allow the take-off and the flight under thrust. These motors are typically used in radio-controlled gliders that are carried at an altitude by the rocket motor and then glide under radio control.

Package includes 2 reloads and 2 igniters.

Ficha técnica

107 mm
32 mm
111 g
Motor mount
32 mm
Total Impulse
62.1 N s
Thrust duration
5.1 s
Primary use
Rocket gliders