F12-3J - Reloads 24 mm Aerotech

Package of F12 Black Jack reloads with a 3-second delay, for the Aerotech RMS 24/40 reloadable motor.

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Black Jack F12 reloads for RMS 24/40 motors with a 5-second delay.

Due to their 12 N average thrust, these reloads can be used in any rocket made for D12 motors to reach a much higher altitude, thanks also to their burn-time of 3 seconds.

Black Jack propellant produces a distinctive dense black smoke with no flame, it has a low thrust and a long burn-time.

Due to the long time that takes to ignite these motors, they are not suitable to be mounted in a cluster.

Package includes 3 reloads and 3 igniters.

Ficha técnica

70 mm
24 mm
69 g
Total Impulse
43.2 N s
Thrust duration
2.9 s
3 s
Max. liftoff weight
511 g
Primary use
Single Stage rockets