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Reloadable motor P38-6G CTI

Reloadable 38mm motor Cesaroni P38-6G. The aft threaded closure is not required because it is included in the motor reload.
Uses High Power reload kits of J class that can be purchased by owner of an HPR Certification Level 2

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Devoluciones sencillas de kits y accesorios

Pro-38 reloadable motor hardware is very easy to use. Select your reload, adjust the delay following your needs, push the reload into the casing and thread the rear closure. You do not need any additional closure because are both included in each reload. After each flight you just have to dispose of the burned reload and clean the motor. The motor can be used an indefinite number of times.

Cesaroni hardware is very easy to clean after each flight with damp cloth as the reloads do not leave many residues on the internal surface.

You can use reloads made for P38-4G and P38-5G motors by using one or two Pro38 Spacers. Please remember these casings are not compatible with Aerotech reloads.

When to use this engine?

This motor uses J reloads with a thrust level that fit any rocket designed to fly with J motors. It is also a good choice to get your Level 2 High Power certification.

The following reloads can be used with this motor (Level 2 certification required):



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409 mm
38 mm
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