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F23-4FJ Econojet (2 pz.) - Aerotech Single Use Motors 29 mm

Black Max single-use F23 motors with a 4-second delay, in package of two.

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Devoluciones sencillas de kits y accesorios

Black Max F23 motors with a 4-second delay.

Single-use composite motors for 29mm motor mounts (Aerotech and other kits). Econojets are completely redesigned. The case is one-piece molded glass-phenolic case and nozzle unit. The delay is retained in the case with a threaded and sealed joint. The motor is 0.1 millimeters smaller in diameter thus allowing to leave the paper label in place.

Black Max propellant produces a black smoke with almost no flame but has higher thrust and ignites much easier than the Black Jack.

Package includes 2 Motors and 2 igniters.

Ficha técnica

83 mm
29 mm
82 g
Impulso Total
41.2 N s
Duración del empuje
2.2 s
4 s
Máx. peso de despegue
620 g
Uso primario
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