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F20-4W Econojet (2 pz.) - Aerotech Single Use Motors 29 mm

White Lightning single-use F20 motors with a 4-second delay, in package of two.

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Devoluciones sencillas de kits y accesorios

White Lightning F20 motors with a 4-second delay.
Single-use composite motors for 29mm motor mounts (Aerotech and other kits). Econojets are completely redesigned. The case is one-piece molded glass-phenolic case and nozzle unit. The delay is retained in the case with a threaded and sealed joint. The motor is 0.1 millimeters smaller in diameter thus allowing to leave the paper label in place.

White Lightning propellant is the most popular of Aerotech production. It has a high impulse and produces a bright white flame with a lot of smoke.

Package includes 2 Motors and 2 igniters.

Ficha técnica

83 mm
29 mm
80 g
Impulso Total
51.8 N s
Duración del empuje
2.5 s
4 s
Máx. peso de despegue
620 g
Uso primario
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