Launch rail - Klima

This rail is mounted on the Klima launch pad and replaces the normal launch rods, for greater stability.

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In the world of large model rockets (HPR), the rails have replaced the launch rods since a long time. A rail is in fact much stiffer than a simple rod and ensures a safe and stable guide in the first moments of launch, the most crucial.

This special rail is designed specifically for model rocket with fuselages 50 mm up to 80 mm diameter, usually multi-engines with B, C and D engines, but it is also perfect for single-engine rockets with D or E engines. The rail can be mounted on the Klima launch pad without modification.

To use this rail your rocket must mount specific 5 mm rail guides, which can be purchased separately.

Includes a key to lock the rail on the launch pad.



Length: 150 cm
Section: 20 x 20 mm

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