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E28-4T – Reloads 24 mm Aerotech

Package of E28 reloads for the Aerotech RMS 24/40 reloadable motor. A powerful E-type motor in the size of an Estes D!

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Blue Thunder E28 reloads for RMS 24/40 motors with a 7-second delay.

With this reloads you will get an high-thrust E motor with the same size of an Estes D (24 x 70 mm) for your heavier rockets or to get to higher altitudes!

Package includes 3 reloads and 3 igniters.

Ficha técnica

70 mm
24 mm
55 g
Diámetro del motor
24 mm
Impulso Total
39.7 N s
Duración del empuje
1.2 s
4 s
Máx. peso de despegue
454 g
Uso primario
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