Plywood bulkplate PBP-54 - Sierrafox

Plywood disk to make a bulkhead in Public Missiles Ltd. body tubes with a diameter of 54 mm

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Plywood disc used to make a diaphragm in rocket bodies, compatible with Public Missiles Ltd. PT-2.1 and QT-2.1 body tubes.

Bulkplates are commonly used to make closed compartments, such as electronic bays or payload sections, and everytime you need to internally subdivide a body tube into compartments not communicating one another.

These discs are laser-cut from aeronautical-grade birch plywood, compact, rugged and lightweight, with a thickness of 4 mm.

Laser cutting guarantees high accuracy and repeatability. Thanks to this cutting techniques the size of all the disks of the same diameter are perfectly identical to each other, a quality which is not often found in commercial discs made with conventional tools.

Although the diameters are accurate, a small tolerance is possible. The tubes themselves have slight differences in diameter than the nominal value. In these cases a little sanding with fine sandpaper is all what is needed to get a perfect fit.

The bulkplate type is identified by a very simple code, easy to read:

First letterL = LOC compatible, P = Public Missiles compatible
Second two lettersBP = BulkPlate
Two digits: diameter of the outer tube in mm

So, for example, the PBP-75 is a bulkplate compatible with Public Missiles Ltd. 75 mm body tubes (PT-3.0 or QT-3.0)


Ficha técnica

54 mm