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Aqua Star rockets set (3 pk.)

Set of 3 rockets for the AquaStar water rocket system. Three different colors and dozens of different possible combinations!

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This set includes parts to make three different water rockets, with nose cones and fins of different colors and shapes. You can combine them as you like, creating dozens of variants!

The set includes:

  • 3 nose cones
  • 3 rear parts with locking ring
  • 3 nozzle / water faucet adapter with seal
  • 3 fins sets
  • 1 roll of PVC tape

Colors and fin shapes may vary.

Bottles are not included. The rocket uses almost any commercially available PET bottles. This eco-friendly approach is also more customer-friendly, since it is not tied to a bottle made by a particular manufacturer.

No tools or glues are needed to assemble the rocket. The nose cone can be attached to the bottle (the rocket “body”) with the supplied adhesive tape.