F32-6T - Aerotech Single Use Rocket Motor 24 mm

Blue Thunder single-use F motors with an 6-second delay. Same size of Estes "E" motors, not available in Europe.

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Blue Thunder F motors with a 6-second delay.
These F engines were made by Aerotech to be used in the Estes PRO series rockets that use Estes E9 and E12 24 mm engines, giving a lot more power. Estes "E" engines are not available in Europe so these F engines, which have the same dimensions, are ideal if you have an Estes PRO rocket but of course, you can use them in any model with a 24 mm motor mount of the right length.

Blue Thunder is a fast burning, high thrust, easy to ignite propellant with a blue-violet flame and almost no smoke.

Data sheet

95 mm
24 mm
64 g
Total Impulse
56.9 N s
Thrust duration
1.7 s
6 s
Max. liftoff weight
540 g
Primary use
Single Stage