AGM-84 SLAM Harpoon - LOC

Semi-scale kit replica of the cruise missile for land attack AGM-84 SLAM Harpoon. Thanks to its interchangeable motor support it can mount a number of different combinations of motors.

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Among its military missile scale kits, LOC/Precision has included this Harpoon in its SLAM version for land attack. The real missile is derived from the classic Harpoon anti-ship missile, with the addition of a turbine engine and other modifications that make it capable of traveling long distances to reach the target.

With this kit, you can build a semi-scale Harpoon, 66 mm in diameter. The unique feature of this kit is the Modular Motor Can motor support which consists of base support in which different adapters can be mounted. A system of removable rivets allows you to change the engine block and use different configurations: a single 24 or 29 mm motor or a cluster of 18 or 24 mm motors. The combinations become so many and you can get big powers without the need to buy expensive or even High Power motors.

The kit consists of high-quality parts, in the LOC/Precision tradition: 66 mm kraft cardboard tube, polypropylene spinner, laser-cut birch plywood fins and centering rings.

The kit includes the kevlar and elastic parachute sealing cable, all the necessary hardware, 60 cm nylon parachute, and Nomex protection for the parachute. It also includes a sheet of self-adhesive vinyl decals to finish the model as in the images.

NOTE: the included motor mount is suitable for a 29 mm motor. For other combinations of motors (24 mm, 4x18 mm, 3x24 mm) you need to purchase additional adapters.

Data sheet

100 cm
66 mm
425 g
Motor mount
29 mm
71 cm nylon parachute
Launch pad
With 6 mm launch rod
Rocket type

Single Engine 29 mm

TSP: F35-8
Aerotech Monouso
: F20W-7
Aerotech Ricaricabili: F40W-7, G64W-7


18 mm motors
4x Estes C6-5
4x Klima C6-5
2x Klima C2-P + 2x Klima D9-5
2x Klima D3-P + 2x Klima D9-5
2x Klima D9-P + 2x Klima D9-7
24 mm motors
3x TSP D20-8
3x Estes D12-7