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A magnificent flying 1:100 scale model of the famous Saturn V, the rocket that brought the man to the moon, comes back on the 50th of the moon landing. Includes a plastic kit of the LEM, the Lunar Module.

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Data sheet

Length110 cm
Diameter100 mm
Weight312 gr
Motor mount24 mm
RecoveryPlastic parachutes (3)
Launch pad5 mm
Recommended EnginesEstes: D12-3 - Aerotech Single Use: E15-4, E30-4 - Aerotech RMS: D15-4T, E18-4W, F12-5J

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A great classic is back, the famous Saturn V Estes! It 'a perfect 1:100 scale model of the largest rocket ever built. The kit is packed with details, such as the corrugated coatings and the cable routing tunnels. The Apollo capsule is fully detailed as well as the escape tower mounted above it.

The kit is made of kraft cardboard tubes, strong and light, and the internal centering rings are laser cut. The fins are made of plastic, divided into two halves to be joined together, as well as the first-stage nozzles, not functional, that are easily removed for launch.

The instructions include a very detailed coloring scheme, and the scheme for the positioning the numerous waterslide decals. The detail and accuracy of this Saturn V is such that once mounted it can be used as a static model, without flying it.
But if you do fly it, you will witness a majestic take-off, made even more impressive by the size of the rocket, 110 cm.

You can use the Estes D12 engines, which are cheap and easy to ignite, but if you want a higher flight you can also use some Aerotech engines that we suggest in the list of recommended motors. We also suggest replacing the plastic parachutes with stronger nylon parachute like Top Flight PAR-24 and PAR-18 Thin.

This rocket requires a launching pad with 5mm launch rod like the Estes Porta Pad II or Estes E-Launch pad, and an electric launch controller as the Estes E-Launch Controller or Estes Electron Beam Launch Controller .

If you want to use this rocket with Aerotech motors, you will need a 12-volt launch controller as the Estes PS II Launch Controller or the Aerotech Interlock Controller.

The kit includes:

  • Every part needed to build the rocket model (tubes, rings, plastic parts, etc.)
  • Water decals
  • Pre-assembled plastic parachutes
  • Detailed instructions
  • BONUS: Plastic LEM kit from Revell

To assemble the rocket you need (not included):

Hobby knife, scissors, tweezers, ruler, pencil, aliphatic glue, plastic cement, permanent spray glue, cyanoacrylate glue, masking tape, transparent adhesive tape, fine sandpaper, spray paints

To launch your rocket you need (not included):

  • 5 mm launch rod
  • Launch pad suitable for 5 mm rods
  • Launch controller
  • Engines (see Recommended engine list)
  • Wadding or protective sheets for parachutes