Rocket kit V2 Semi-scale - Estes

A semi-scale replica of what is maybe the most famous missile of all times: the German V2.

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The rocket is 57 cm tall and can be launched with Estes C11 and D motors, or with Aerotech composite E motors, either single use or reloadables. The original black-yellow color scheme makes the V2 easy to see in the sky.

Requires Estes Porta-Pad® E and a 12 V launch controller when launched with Aerotech E motors.

What you need to build it (not included):
Cutter, scissors, ruler, pencil, aliphatic glue, masking tape, transparent adhesive tape, fine abrasive paper, spray paints.

What you need to fly it (not included):

  • Launch pad with 6 mm rod
  • Launch controller (if using Aerotech engines it must be 12 volts)
  • Engines (see list of recommended engines)
  • Flameproof wadding or parachute protection sheets

Data sheet

66 mm
Motor mount
24 mm
45 cm plastic parachute
Launch pad
With 5 mm launch rod

Estes: C11-3 (first flight), D12-3
Aerotech single use: E15-4W
Reloads Aerotech (for RMS 24/40 motor): E18-4W

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