Starter Set Flicker - Estes

Model rocket launch set, with a rocket, a launch pad and a launch controller. The rocket nosecone is recovered by helicopter blades.

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The Whirlybird Starter Set contains everything needed for the launch, excluding engines and batteries, ie the ramp, the launch controller and the rocket. The particularity of this model is the way it returns to the ground: the body descends through its parachute (included and assembled) while the nosecone returns gently to the ground through its three blades that open and function like a helicopter. Easy to build no matter what your experience level.
All rocket parts are pre-colored and glue quickly together with some tube type plastic cement.
Uses only C6-5 engines.

The package includes:

  • Every part needed to build the rocket model (tubes, fins assembly, etc.)
  • Pre-assembled plastic parachute
  • Launch Pad
  • Launch Controller
  • Detailed instructions

To assemble the rocket you need (not included):

Scissors, tweezers, ruler, plastic cement or cyanoacrylate glue

To launch your rocket you need (not included):

  • Engines (see Recommended engine list)
  • Wadding or protective sheets for parachutes
  • 4 high quality 1.5V AA alkaline batteries

Data sheet

53.8 cm
34 mm
82.2 gr
Motor mount
18 mm
30 cm plastic parachute
Launch pad
3 mm launch rod
Recommended Engines
Estes B6-4, C6-5. Klima C6-5, D9-5