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Athena RTF


Ready to fly model rocket.
No need to assemble, this model rocket is ready to fly right out of the box.

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Data sheet

Length42 cm
Diameter25 mm
Weight39,7 gr
Motor mount18 mm
Recovery30 cm plastic parachute
Launch padLow power - 3 mm rod
Recommended EnginesEstes A8-3, B6-4, C6-5 - Klima B4-4, C6-5, D9-7

More info

The Athena is one of the most popular rockets from Estes: a fast looking, nice rocket for all.

As with any RTF (Ready-to-fly) rockets, the Athena is a very good choice for those who don't want to spend time in building, don't have the skill or simply don't have time...

It is also a very nice gift for a boy or a girl to initiate them to model rocketry.

This rockets flies with standard, low-price rocket motors of A, B and C class, but if you have a large space available you can even try with a Klima D9-7 motor for a really high flight. You will need good eyes because the rocket will literally disappear....

Recovery is with a 30 cm plastic parachute.

To fly this rocket you need a launch pad like the Estes Astron II launch Pad or the Klima Launch Pad, a launch controller like the Estes Astron II, Estes Electron Beam, Quest 9v launch controller or Klima launch controller.

You will also need motors choosen among those suggested above, some flameproof wadding and a battery for the launch controller..

The rocket is fully assembled and painted.