Kit Nova RTF - Estes

Nova RTF - Estes


ARF - Almost Ready to Fly

A large kit almost ready to fly. Just slip the fin into the fin slots, attach the recovery system and you are ready to fly. You can also fly this rocket as a two-stager by adding the BT-55 booster (sold separately) with a D12-0 Estes motor, for exciting two stage flights!

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This rocket is ready to fly in 5 minutes. This kit is not small, its length is over 50 cm and the diameter is 34 mm. It can be powered also by Klima D9 motors for flights at high altitudes. You can also add the BT-55 Booster Accessory (sold separately) and a D12-0 booster engine for incredible two-stage flights. Just imagine how high it can go with a D12 in the booster and a Klima D9 in the upper stage...

Length: 52,3 cm
Diameter: 34 mm
Weight (without motor): 71 gr
Recovery: 38 cm (15”) plastic parachute
Fins: plastic
Recommended engines:
Estes B6-2, B6-4 (First Flight), C6-3, C6-5
Klima C6-3, C6-5, D9-5
Recommended Engines with D12-0 booster:
Estes B6-4 (First Flight), C6-5
Klima B4-4, C6-5, D9-7

Tools, construction and finishing supplies sold separately. In order to launch it as a single stage, a launch system with 3 mm launch rod, batteries, model rocket engines, starters and recovery wadding are required - sold separately-unless otherwise specified.

To launch it with the additional BT-55 Booster a 5 mm launch rod is needed