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Citation Patriot Estes


The return of a great classic! The Citation Patriot is a beautiful model that flies with B and C engines, large and spectacular.

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Data sheet

Length65 cm
Diameter42 mm
Weight91 gr
Motor mount18 mm
Recovery45 cm plastic parachute
Launch pad3 mm launch rod
Recommended EnginesEstes B4-2, B6-2, B6-4, C6-5 - Klima C6-5, D9-7

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The Citation Patriot is a model rocket created and marketed in the '70s. Since then it has been one of the most loved, especially in the USA because of its decidedly patriotic appearance!

The main feature of this model is its size, comparable to those of the Big Bertha, which give great satisfaction both on the ground and in flight.
The kit of this rocket requires assembly in the traditional way, i.e. you must glue the stabilizers (in balsa) to the rocket body, and all the parts must be assembled.

The Citation Patriot flies with standard 18 mm engines, type B and C, so cheap and easy to use. And given its size is a perfect model for the Klima D9 engines, with which it will climb much higher.

To launch this rocket you need a launch pad with a 3 mm launch rod like the Estes Port Pad II or the Klima Launch Pad. To start the engine a standard launch command is required, such as the Estes Electron Beam or the Klima Launch Controller.

Motors, starters, launch pad and launch controller, batteries, glue and paints are not included.