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RC Scale Rocket Glider Me-163 Komet

Scale flying RC model of Messerschmitt Me-163 “Komet” rocket fighter of II WW.

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The Komet is a legend in itself. It was the first rocket fighter plane actually used in the war, against Allied bombers.
This scale model is radio controlled, propelled by a rocket motor and can take-off horizontally. After burnout it glides back under radio control.

The kit is entirely made of strong styrofoam and consists of a few parts to glued together. Everything is included in the kit (radio control must be purchased separately): fuselage, canopy, wings, spars, belly and tail skids, pushrods, control clevises. The wing has built-in recesses to accomodate two micro-servos, and servo wires routing. Control hinges are prebuilt into the wings, so the assembly is fast and straightforward.

Although this kit was originally designed for Klima long-burn D3-P motors, it can also fly with TSP L-4 long-burn motors for a longer flight.

Aluminum motor mount, pushrods and small parts are included.
Does not include RC components such as receivers, servos and battery, glue, paint, stickers, engines and launching pad.

Remote Control requirements:
Transmitter with delta mixing function, receiving system with two micro-servos.

Data sheet

470 mm
296 g
Motor diameter
18 mm
740 mm

Klima: D3-P
TSP: L-4

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