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Body Tube BT-101 - Apogee

High quality kraft cardboard airframe tube. Outer diameter 101 mm

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Very high quality kraft cardboard tube with tight wraps (butt).
Why a two-part tube?
A good reason is because you want to build a model that can be taken apart so that it is easier to transport.
Putting the pieces together in the field is very easy, as you can use plastic rivets or screws to hold the two parts together in flight.
When assembled with the included coupler, its length is a little longer than the corresponding LOC BT-3.90 tube, so you actually get a bigger rocket.
Another use of this two-part tube is to build payload bays or electronic bays.
Comes with an extra thick wall coupler!

Length: 914mm (2 pieces of 457mm)
Weight: 332 gr (166 g per tube) / 124 g (coupler)

Made in the USA


Data sheet

914 mm (2 x 457 mm)
100 mm
332 gr (2 x 166 gr)
Outer diameter
101 mm
Inner diameter
99 mm
Kraft Cardboard