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Mini "A" Heli - Estes

Helicopter model rocket to be built. It's launched vertically and at the top of the trajectory opens its blades to return to the ground like a helicopter! Have fun competing with your friends!

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The Mini "A" Heli of Estes is a model rocket that is recovered by helicopter blades, all to be built.

The peculiarity of this model are its long blades that remain aligned to the rocket body during vertical flight and are freed when the model reaches the apogee. At this point the blades open and the whole model slowly returns to earth, rotating like a helicopter. Flight time will be around 45-60 seconds.

This rocket is designed for fun but also for competitions. It requires a complete assembly, with some precautions that require a certain skill.

The kit includes templates for the correct positioning of the parts, a reinforcing fabric and a plastic tool to be used to cut the body tube accurately. If you like to build and you are a precise and careful model maker, this model will give you a lot of satisfactions.

The Mini "A" Heli flies with the small A10-3T engines of the Mini series.

To launch the Mini "A" Heli you need a launch pad with a 3 mm launch rod like the Estes Porta Pad II or the Klima Launch Pad, and an electric launch controller like the Estes Electron Beam, the Estes Astron II Launch Controller or the Klima Launch Controller. Launch pad and launch controller are not included.

For the assembly you need wood glue, cyanoacrylic glue, cutter, scissors, sandpaper, adhesive tape.
Engines, glues, paints and other tools are not included.

Data sheet

43,2 cm
14 mm
21,5 gr
Motor diameter
13 mm
Helicopter blades
Launch pad
3 mm launch rod