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This rocket kit is a scaled down version of the same, 10 meters high, rocket that decorates the outside of its manufacturer building. The kit includes many thermoformed parts to build this sleek design rocket. The shape of the fins is equal to the original, and a well thought design ensure an exact fit of the profiled fins halves during assembly. The rocket is equipped with a parachute recovery system and although it was intended to fly with the put-of-production D7 motors, any other D or E motor can be used.

Length: 610 mm
Max. diameter: 78 mm
Weight (w/o motor): 145 g
Motors suggested: Estes C11-3, D12-5*, Aerotech E15-7, E18-7**
*The motor mount has a diameter of 25 mm to accept D7 motors.You need a short piece of Estes BT-50 or similar tube to reduce the diameter to 24 mm for use with 24 mm motors.
** This is a reloadable motor. Some extra work is required to retain this motor in place.

Data sheet

Motor diameter
24 mm
Rocket type