G61W-14A - Reload 38 mm Aerotech

White Lightning reload for the RMS-38/120 motor system, the smallest 38 mm reloadable motor from Aerotech.

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Reload for the RMS-38/120 motor system.

White Lightning propellant is the most popular of Aerotech production. It has a high impulse and produces a bright white flame with a lot of smoke.

The reload comes with a Long delay (approx. 14 seconds) which can be shortened by the RDDT - Reload Delay Drilling Tool or using replacement delays RDK-09 Plus through RDK-16 Plus, and RDK-17 Plus delay to increase or decrease delay times for RMS-38mm 120 thru 1080 motors.

Data sheet

106 mm
38 mm
194 g
Motor mount
38 mm
Total Impulse
110.5 N s
Thrust duration
2 s
14 s - Adjustable
Max. liftoff weight
1000 g