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Reloadable motor RMS 38/720 - Aerotech

Reloadable rocket motor RMS 38/720. This is the smallest Level 2 motor available, although it can still use top-end Level 1 reloads. For Aerotech HPR style reloads (I600R, J350W, I364FJ, J420R, J500G). Includes forward and after closure, and forward seal disk. 

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Complete 38 mm reloadable rocket motor for 38/720 HPR style reloads. The forward and aft closures are the same of any other RMS 38 mm High Power motor.

Note: a valid Tripoli Rocketry Association Level 1 High Power certification is required to purchase type "I" reloads. A level 2 certification is required to purchase type "J" reloads.

Length : 335.4 mm
Diameter: 38 mm
Weight: 212 gr

Data sheet

344,8 mm
38 mm
282,3 gr
Outer diameter
38 mm