Parachute IFC-120 (305 cm) - Fruity Chutes

Professional 120 in. (305 cm) toroidal parachute, Iris Ultra Standard series, for the largest high power rockets and any device that require a reliable recovery.

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Fruity Chutes parachutes are the absolute best for rocketry and small-scale applications available on the market. They are hand-made in the USA with exclusive USA material, and with great care. Each parachute is numbered and controlled individually.


  • High Power and Mid Power rockets
  • Stratospheric balloons
  • Weather sounding devices
  • Sounding rockets
  • Large drones, UAV and quadcopters (with a suitable ejection system)

The Iris Ultra standard chute is ideal for applications like rocketry where weight may not be as critical. These chutes feature a toroidal shape which results in a Cd of at least 2.2! This means you can use a size smaller chute for the same load carrying performance.

Not only that but due to the way the canopy is shaped these chutes have less material in there canopy compared to the same size elliptical chutes

Each parachute is fitted with a tubular nylon riser, sewn with double loop and pre-installed steel swivel. The swivel has the appropriate size depending on the parachute projected load.

All joints have a double seam and the parachutes for High Power models have a reinforcing tape along the lower edge and along the spill hole edge.


  • Cd 2.2
  • Materials: 1.1oz (35 gr/mq) Rip-stop nylon, 180 Kg braided nylon shroud lines, 17 mm nylon bridle, 1360 Kg swivel
  • Top loop for use with deployment bags
  • Weight: 1020 gr
  • Packing Volume: 125 mm (dia.) x 269 mm (len.): 3277 cm3 (assumes a very tight pack)
  • Rating: 35900 gr @ 6 m/s
  • Number of Gores: 12

IMPORTANT: Fruity Chute diameter is the actual opening size of the parachute, not the distance around the top of the canopy!

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305 cm (120")