B4-4 Team Pack - Klima

Pack of 30 B4-4 engines with electric igniters included. Ideal for modeling groups, schools, educators.

NOTE: We cannot ship these motors to USA

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Pack of 30 engines type B4-4 with electric igniters included.

It is a very convenient package in all those cases where the use of a considerable amount of engines is foreseen, as in school projects and for any educational purpose. It is also ideal if you have multi-motor models (clusters) that you want to launch many times.

The included starters are of the new type, extremely reliable and able to operate with a voltage of only 1.5 volts.

Motors features:

  • Diameter: 18 mm
  • Length: 70 mm
  • Weight (each): 21 gr.
  • Total impulse: 5 Ns
  • Average thrust: 4 N
  • Burn time: 1.3 sec.
  • Delay: 4 sec.

Data sheet

18 mm