G80-10T - Aerotech Single Use Motor 29 mm

Single-use G80 Blue Thunder motor 29 mm, with a 10-seconds delay.

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Blue Thunder G80 single-use motor with a 10-second delay, for rockets with a 29 mm motor mount.

The G80 is the most powerful single-use, 29 mm motor and the most powerful you can use without an HPR-certification. 

Blue Thunder is a fast burning, high thrust, easy to ignite propellant with a blue-violet flame and almost no smoke. Due to its easy ignition, motors using this propellant can be used in a cluster on multi-engined rockets.

Package includes 1 motor and 1 igniter.

Data sheet

124 mm
29 mm
128 g
Total Impulse
136.6 N s
Thrust duration
1.7 s
10 s
Max. liftoff weight
907 g