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G78-7G - Aerotech Single Use Rocket Motor 29 mm


Single-use G78 Mojave Green motor 29 mm, with a 7-seconds delay.

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Data sheet

Length124 mm
Diameter29 mm
Weight125 g
Total Impulse109.9 N s
Thrust duration1.4 s
Delay4 s
Max. liftoff weight907 g

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Single-use G78 composite motor with Mojave Green propellant and 7-second delay, suitable for rockets with 29 mm motor support.

It is one of the most powerful 29 mm single-use engines, it can replace the G80 since the propellant characteristics are similar to the Blue Thunder. Mojave Green is a fast propellant, with fast combustion, high thrust and high total impulse. It produces a bright green flame with little smoke and can be joined with other engines of the same type to form a "cluster" in multi-engine rockets.

The package includes 1 motor and 1 electric starter.