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BT5-BT20-BT50 Engine Mount Parts - Estes

Tube parts you need to build engine mounts based on Estes BT5, BT20 and BT50 tubes

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In this pack you will find the tubes and the parts needed to build engine mounts to be used in your personal rocket designs, for 13 mm (BT5), 18 mm (BT20) and 24 mm (BT50) engines.

The package contains 27 different parts with which you can build up to 3 engine mounts for each motor size.

You only need to add the centering rings (or the centering discs) and, if you wish, the motor hooks.

The package contains:

  • 3 BT5 tubes for 13mm motors - Length 50 mm
  • 3 Yellow thrust rings for BT5 tubes.
  • 3 Mylar engine hook retainer rings for BT5 tubes.
  • 3 BT20 tubes for engines from 18 mm - Length 70 mm.
  • 3 thrust rings for BT20 tubes.
  • 3 Mylar engine hook retainer rings for BT20 tubes.
  • 3 BT50 pipes for engines from 24 mm - 100 mm length.
  • 3 Yellow thrust rings for BT50 tubes.
  • 3 Blacks engine hook retainer rings for BT50 tubes.