Motor Mount 50 mm - 4 x 18

Cluster motor mount for four 18 mm standard motors and Klima T-50 body tubes.

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Use this motor mount in you personal design based on Klima T-50 body tubes: you will get more power in the same size, cheaper than a large motor of comparable power.

For example, imagine your rocket propelled by four D9 engines: 36 N of average thrust for 2 seconds equals an F motor at a fraction of the cost!

This motor mount is made with parts precisely machined with CNC tools, with very tight tolerances. Centering rings are made of machined birch plywood while the motor mount tubes are made of strong kraft cardboard. Includes a stainless steel hex-socket screw and washers as motor retainer.

An aliphatic glue is recommended to assemble the kit.

Instructions in english and german.

Data sheet

50 mm
Kraft Cardboard