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A real kit for builders, with lots of parts to be assembled!

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Data sheet

Length87 cm
Diameter34 mm
Weight182 gr
Motor mount24 mm
RecoveryPlastic Parachute
Launch pad5 mm
Recommended EnginesEstes: C11-3, D12-3, D12-5 - Aerotech Single Use: E15-4W, E20-7W - Aerotech RMS:D9-4W, D15-4T, E18-4W, F12-5J

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If you like building this is a kit that fits you. Estes SLV stands for Satellite Launch Vehicle, fancy but suitable to launch your own "satellite."

Its payload section can bring aloft an electronic device such as an altimeter or a miniature camera, or any experiment you may want to do.

The kit includes an impressive number of parts: the fuselage and the five "pods" are made of kraft cardboard tube, the usual high quality Estes body tube, the nosecones (six!) are all turned from balsa, and the fins are made of the same material.

The Estes SLV requires a complete assembly and should be painted to achieve a good result. The decals included will give the final touch to a rocket that, if well built, will look great!

The kit also included a screw motor locking system, an accessory normally sold separately and rather unusual to find in this kind of kits. The recovery is secured by a plastic parachute.

The Estes SLV flies with 24 mm engines. Estes obviously recommends the C11-3 and D12-3. These motors are cheap and perfect for each flight, because the altitude reached is not excessive and will allow you to launch this rocket from relatively small fields. Estes also recommends its E12-4 engine, which unfortunately is not available in Europe. You can replace this engine a variety of Aerotech motors, both single-use and reloadables. You can choose between single-use E15-4W or E20-7W or between the reloadables E18-4W and F12-5J. As “D” motors you can also use Aerotech reloadables D9-4W or D15-4T.

To launch the Estes SLV you need a launch pad with 5 mm launch rod, like the Estes Porta Pad E, and a launch controller. If you use Estes engines you can chose the Astron II Launch Controller, the Klima Launch Controller or the Estes E-Launch Controller.

If you use Aerotech motors you'll need a 12-volt launch controller as the Aerotech Interlock Controller or Estes Pro Series II.

Engines, igniters, launch pad, launch controller, batteries, glues and paints are not included.