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Estes brings back one of its greatest successes of all time.
The Goblin has long been one of the most popular rocket produced by Estes, today back in production in an updated version but still true to the original.

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Data sheet

Length36,6 cm
Diameter34 mm
Weight71 gr
Motor mount24 mm
Launch padLow power - 3 mm rod
Recommended EnginesEstes C11-3, C11-5, D12-5, D12-7

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If you're new to this hobby you might not know it, but the Goblin is one of the classics of Estes rockets, produced since the 80s and one of the most appreciated. It will probably be the shape of its fins, its size, the distinctive color scheme or perhaps the fact that it is medium-sized but flies with 24 mm engines. As a matter of fact, the Goblin is one of the flagships of the American manufacturer production, together with the Alpha, the Der Red Max and some others.

The original of the '80s had a balsa nosecone, this new version has a plastic nosecone as it usual since a long time, but everything else is identical to the first version.

This rocket is very basic, it's made up of the classic parts: plastic nose cone, cardboard body tube (BT-55 Estes), laser-cut balsa fins, 24 mm motor mount. Anyone with a minimum of modeling skills will easily assemble it.

Surely, the great thing about this model rocket is that it has a well-chosen dimension to fly with 24 mm engines. An Estes D12, or even a C11, send him really high, to the point that Estes has preferred to include a double plastic tape for recovery rather than a parachute that can drift too far with wind.

Given its low weight, you can launch it even with 18 mm motors of B and C type, or even Klima D9. In this case you will need to use a 18-24 mm adapter such as that made by Estes.

To assemble the rocket you need (not included):

  • Aliphatic glue (Elmer type)
  • Paints (cans are the best choice)

To launch this rocket you need (not included):

  • Estes or Klima launch pad with a 3 mm rod
  • Estes or Klima 6-9 Volt electric launch controller
  • Flameproof wadding
  • Engines choosen among those recommended (see above)