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Klima rocket motors B2-P


B2 motor plugged type, without delay or ejection charge. Specifically designed for rocket gliders or cluster model rockets.

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Data sheet

Length70 mm
Diameter18 mm
Weight19 gr
Total Impulse5 Ns
Thrust duration2,5 s
Max. liftoff weight40 g
Primary useRocket gliders

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B engines with low thrust and long burntime, plugged at the end and therefore without parachute ejection. This engines are designed for rocket gliders or to be used with engines with ejection in a clustered engine rocket.

These engines are designed for the propulsion of very light rockets, their thrust is only 2 N but lasts for 2.5 seconds. This means that a rocket of a few grams can fly very high even with a small engine like this.

Examples of use:

  • Rocket gliders with one engine
  • Rocket gliders with clustered engines
  • With a booster engine like the B2-0 to double the duration in a rocket glider
  • In a cluster with engines with delay and ejection of the parachute in multi-engine model rockets.

The dimensions are standard (diam. 18 mm, length 70 mm), perfectly compatible with Estes engines.

The package includes 6 motor 6 electric starters.

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