Ignitors SierraFire 30

A reliable ignition everytime
Sierrafire 30 are high efficiency, highly reliable ignitors for composite rocket motors and can also be used to ignite motors clusters.

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SierraFire 30 ignitors are specifically designed to ignite composite motors, single use and reloadables, and can be used to ignite also large Estes motors . Their pyrogen produces a small ball of fire and high temperature sparks which can ignite even the most stubborn of the motor. They are easy to use, extremely reliable and can be connected in parallel to ignite motors clusters.

The Sierrafire 30 can be used in Aerotech 29 mm single use motors and reloadable motors, from "F" to "H" and the shorter among 38 mm reloadables (Aerotech RMS 38/120 and RMS 38/240).

When to use these motors?

Whenever you have to ignite a 29 mm composite motor, either single use and reloadable. The length of the cable is enough for the most part of 29 mm motors, although it may be too short for the longest among them. Thay can also be used with short 38 mm motors and for motors clusters. We do not recommend to use them for clusters larger than three motors, however.

Not suitable for Aerotech 24 mm motors

Bag of 3 pcs.


Data sheet

30 cm
Ignition current
5 A
Ignition voltage
12 V
~ 0.8 - 1.0 Ohm