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Frenzy Massive Fiberglass - Madcow Rocketry

A massive Level-3 rocket kit.
The Frenzy Massive is an all-fiberglass, huge high power rocket designed for 98mm motors and Level-3 flights.

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A big rocket for big motors.

The Frenzy Massive stands up to its name. It is a huge, all-fiberglass rocket with a 98mm motor mount and a very attractive look thanks to its double set of fins.

If you need a kit to start your next big project, the Frenzy Massive is for you. It has all the parts you need to assemble an extremely strong rocket which is an ideal first Level-3 rocket that can be launched also with L motors.

Body tubes and couplers are fiberglass filament wound tubes, the fins and centering rings are G10 fiberglass and the nosecone is filament wound as well, with an aluminium tip.

It is easy to work with fiberglass but you need good tools and a knowledge of the particular techniques needed to handle this material.

As it is a rocket for experts, many things are left to your decisions: how to build an avionic bay, the design of the recovery system, the choice of parachutes, etc. The kit includes the basic parts to build an avionic bay, with beautiful anodyzed aluminium bulkplates, but you have to provide the rest.


The Madcow Frenzy Massive is a beautifully looking high power rocket for motors ranging from L to M.

Do not expect very detailed instruction describing the assembling down to the smallest detail. Those who build this rockets knows a lot about rocket building and flying and they don't need instructions too detailed. Also, at this level every project is a different one and every modeller has his/her own preferences.

The kit offers the parts needed to start your high-performance project. All the parts are fiberglass, tubes and couplers fits perfectly and the nosecone is a beautiful manufact, with its turned aluminium point.

The instructions are detailed but limited to the basic assembling, as they cannot cover all the possible variations of every project.

An electronic bay is included, although it is just the basic structure. Madcow made it with two very nice anodyzed aluminium bulkheads, with holes for the parachute attachment and the threaded rods.

Fins are 5mm thick G10 fiberglass, they cannot break nor flex under any circumstances, and their leading edge has been already beveled. You just have to finish them with fine grit sandpaper before spraying the primer.

The motor mount accepts 98mm motors. You can use an adapter to mount 75mm motors, of course, so you will have a wider range of motors to choose from. Aerotech and Cesaroni both have several L motors in 75mm and 98mm.

There are several parts you have to provide yourself: the shock cord, the parachutes, all the internal parts of the avionic bay, shear pins, rail guides, etc. The kit includes a bag full of hardware with U-bolts, nuts, washers, metal plates, and some plastic rivets used to keep together the electronic bay and the upper tube. These rivets are a nice solution to connect the parts together because they are locked and unlocked with a simple pressure. We would use metal screws, however.

The final weight of the rocket will be over 20 Kg, realistically. The parachute must be choosen accordingly. We suggest FruityChutes as they are professionally made, and of a very good quality. The IFC-144 can be a good choice.

  • Level-3 capable
  • Filament wound nose cone with metal tip
  • Pre-slotted fiberglass airframe
  • G10 Fins and Centering Rings
  • Dual deployment capable, 35 cm long avionic bay
  • Aluminium bulkheads

Data sheet

320 cm
140 mm
13000 gr
Motor mount
98 mm
360 cm parachute
Launch pad
High Power Rail
Rocket type
HPR Level 3
Recommended Engines
Aerotech and Cesaroni L and M reloads



Frenzy Massive Assembly Instructions

Download (568.87k)